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Upcoming Fall/Winter Workshps
Saturday October 24th 12-3 pm
Fundamentals in scent blending with Nilson Fernandes
Blind Scent Testing
Create and take with Liz

November 14th 12-3
Fundamentals in scent and Fragrance 101
Scensory journey and blind scent test
Create own fragrance and product to take home 
November 14th 4-6 pm
Advanced Fragrance Class (must complete 101)
The Romance of Fragrance
All workshops and events are designed to create a fun and creative environment
with focus on the following:
Fundamentals on sourcing raw materials, scent categories,
blending ingredients and proper measurements.  Finally creating own scent.
All classes are instructed with practicing safe distancing and necessary sanitary guidelines.  Due to COVID pandemic we are only allowing maximum of 12 guests per session.  
Refreshments  Provided